Summer is in full swing which means enjoying heaps of outdoor activities like swimming and barbecuing. Often times, however, our excitement gets halted by a variety of annoying bugs and insects. Thankfully there are at least five things you can do to alleviate the nuisance and get back to enjoying some fun in the sun.

Step 1: Remove all standing water 

This is one of the biggest reasons people experience an influx of bugs and insects around their property. Did you know mosquitoes (quite possibly the most irritating creatures in existence) nest in still water?

• Empty buckets/planters with sitting water

• Clean out gutters

• Change bird-bath water every couple of days

• Fix puddles

Step 2: Install a bat house

This may sound alarming at first but attaching a bat house to a tree on your property is probably one of the greatest things you can do. Bats are pertinent to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and they consume large amounts of bugs and insects. Perfect!

Step 3: Set up a bird feeder

Bird seed is a great way to attract birds and treat them to a little yummy snack. But did you also know that mosquitoes are a part of a bird’s daily diet?

Step 4: Connect a fan

Set up an extension cord and hook up some fans. The air rotation discourages bugs and insects that fly from coming to the area.

Step 5: Embrace the natural route

Natural essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and basil are great at repelling bugs that bite. Get a spray bottle and mix together one of the aforementioned oils of your choice with some water and apply to the skin. This is safe and organic which also makes it ideal for kids.

For more eye-awakening facts, visit the Farmer’s Almanac.